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Not a Fairy 29 2, 10:54pm

@RainbowPress Thanks. When reading some books about fairies, I once stumbled upon a word that describes fairies: all of them are not mean, nor malicious, they are just unkind. They are on the opposite of kindness, they treat people like we treat animals. Some of us may feed and groom them in exchange for some services, just like the gnomes sew boots in exchange for some cream in a pot. Others hunt them for food or for pleasure, just like some mean fairies do. When an animal meddle with our crops or prey on our cattle, we mostly kill it outright, so do goblins do when people stumble where they are not supposed to be. We may take a very nice-looking squirrel, enjoy its' view for some time and then let it go in a completely different forest, not thinking the slightest how it will find food and place to sleep in a completely unfamiliar place, and how different is it with old Rip Van Winkle's story?

They don't dislike us - in general - because words 'like' and 'dislike' do not describe their views upon us. They are simply different.

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