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Not a Fairy 28 2, 8:25pm

@Kitom I wasn't attempting to bitch I was bringing up a point of comparison that I found in most of my research. Most people still consider the courts the way the comic states and that's fine, I just wanted to point it out.
Secondly, and I'm sorry for getting a bit angry about this, I apologized before the comic, I was being as polite as I could, had no intention of starting a "war of opinions" (which I might add, this post is just fuel to the fire if you think that's what we're doing), you have no idea how much research I've done on the religion of the British Isles so you have no right to make that "for all they know" comment when you ALSO don't know how much research the commenter is making, and oh my god, if someone wants to point out a differing viewpoint, let them. It's not a crime.
I literally wouldn't have replied to your comment if you hadn't made the assumption that I was just a stupid American treating my opinion like fact, but no, you had to be a bratty little kid about it. I am actually pagan, did a lot of research on fairies from several sources, and found that most calling Unseelie "mean" were Christian retellings, which have a biased spin to them. The fact that you made an assumption is incredibly insulting to me.
Grow up, people sometimes make mistakes and are then given small corrections, deal with it. That's life. Why make an entire account you're never going to use again to bitch about your country "bitching"? That's childish. And you know what else is childish? Adding a vague comment referring to two entire comments that's rude. At least the two correcting comments were polite.
I don't even post comments that often. Maybe, instead of bitching about the corrections, you could've, say, actually started a polite, intellectual discussion with one of us. That sounds a lot nicer and more mature don't you think. I would've preferred it, I think a discussion on differing beliefs is a welcome thing, that's why I made the comment, to build on a discussion, not bitch about how Humon was wrong. She's not, Unseelie can be little shits sometimes, but I was offering a counterpoint. I'm sorry if I irritated you with a comment trying to offer a differing opinion.
Mythology in general does hold some facts, all of them, Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Pagan, etc. hold certain widely accepted beliefs, so it isn't always going to change from place to place, and Christianity screwed up a lot of stuff when recording it in an attempt to demonize the Northern religions, so that part of the sources isn't reliable.
Accept that not everyone posts a correction to bitch and might be trying to offer another viewpoint.

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