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Not a Fairy 27 2, 7:05pm

I literally made an account to comment on this one post.....

I just want to point out there is no reason for the last few comments made to essentially bitch and 'correct' that the terms used in this comic weren't specific to some people's liking.
It's a bloody comic and personal opinion, if she wants to define 'seelie and unseelie' in such a way deal with it, every book read claims the fictional/mythical races and such as something different.
I've read books claiming what the comic states and others claiming what the comments state, both are valid but still...
It's mythology not science, it is going to change depending on who read what and grew up where.
Really bugs me Americans are bitching and trying to bring up 'facts' when for all they know it could be a cultural difference or difference in materieals read.
Ffs people it's a webcomic let the poor woman rant as she pleases without trying to start an Internet war of opinions.

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