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Not a Fairy 27 2, 11:56am

Yes and no. You are of course correct that the Scandinavian folklore is totally different from British folklore. They are different cultures. Although Vikings did colonize parts of Great Britain on several occasions bringing Scandinavian customs. Still, they are not identical.

But British fairies aren't just little naked winged women. The Fair Folk come in many shapes and sizes and were considered people with their own cultures, family structures, and politics. Whether they were considered good or evil depended on the time period, the area, and the influence of Christianity.

Japanese Yokai are not like fairies, they are more like what you call "scare monsters". I would have no problem if a Japanese person were to lump British fairies and Scandinavian Forest and Mountain people in with Japanese Kami, because I think they are all the same class of creatures. Even though they come from different cultures and have different shapes and customs.

I think it comes down to a Lumper/Splitter distinction. You are making the claim that the differences are more important than the similarities. And I am from the camp that thinks the similarities are more important than the differences. This sort of disagreement is not about the facts it is about category boundaries. As such, pointing out differences, or similarities, won't actually change anyone's mind.

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