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Norse Gods Family tree 18 2, 3:23am


The reason for this is that she's not using the old norse names, which are usually, moslty the international ones, or at least anglicized versions of the old norse ones.

Most names used here are the modernized Scandinavian names, which mostly is the same as the anglicized, but with the exception of names such as "Odin" and "Thor" which in modern Scandinavian is spelled as "Oden" and "Tor".
Ull is the modernized version of Ullr which is used in norwegian, Swedish and danish, so is Balder and Höder which's names in old norse would be "Baldr" and "Hǫðr" or "Hodr" normalized/anglicized Spelling.

Internationally I have seen the names being used differently in English, sometimes names can be the old norse variant, sometimes the modern Scandinavian, sometimes English translations or anglicized versions of the old norse or Scandinavian ones. Like for example "Earth" in this comic is a translation of the Scandinavian Word "Jord" which is also the name of the goddess that is Thor's mother, in Old norse she is called "Fjorgyn" but can also be mentioned in different sagas as "Hjord, Lödyn, Hlödyn or Hlodyn".

I would say Humon uses an anglicized version of the modern Scandinavian names, and not the old norse ones.

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