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Robin and his Men 28 9, 5:36am

I like this!

But one quibble: has this picture been laterally flipped? As in the preceding character sketch you did for Little John, it was his LEFT arm that was amputated: in this picture it's the right arm.I'm sure it's down to something simple like the picture having being somehow reversed...

The dark-skinned Robin Hood? Why not? As at least two different places in England claim him and the British can't even agree ourselves where he's from, let alone what he looked like.... English myth preserves the concept of the Green Man of the Woods, a nature spirit who is perhaps a reflection of the Celtic fertility god Cernunnos or Herne the Hunter. The Green Man is capricious, dresses all in green with green hair, and some representations give him a brown skin like the bark of some trees. Folklorists have suggested Robin and the gang are archetypes of nature spirits - this aspect survives in the "lincoln green" of the clothing and the clear suggestion is that elves and other forest spirits are being described here, not people.

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