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New Doctor 22 9, 9:22am

BMI is a really bad way to determine the health of someone. I have an overweight BMI (about 190 cm, about 95 kg). This is because I played a lot of (American) football growing up and I ended up "bulking" (that is, gaining large amounts of muscle and fat) for each season, then slowly whittling away the fat in the offseasons. Yet, I'd still go to the doctors and get that....

Whatever. I'd rather live a happy 60 than a miserable 90 anyway. Besides, my genetics are good (my grandparents all lived past 75, one of them past 85), so as long as I don't start eating McDonald's every day or start smoking and binge drinking, I'll be ok. I figure I've already lived a happier 20 than most people in the world get to. I'll take whatever I get.

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