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Anunnaki and thei creations 27 7, 9:28am

It almost seems like the Anunnaki would welcome a race to independence, if and only if the independent race were capable of managing it wisely.

Every creature, every group, every civilization has its weaknesses. Given time, these weaknesses could end the group as sure as any cliff eventually falls. The independent group would need to show stability as effectively or more effectively than the Anunnaki's current strategy.

I like the idea that the Anunnaki are both the best at managing their weakness (for one is never devoid of it), thus teaching others to manage and learn their weaknesses, and reliant on the races they create to temper the empire of the Anunnaki. Without them we would destroy ourselves, and without their creations, they would fall to their own vices and limitations.
Life is a cruel mistress.
Like the moon equalizes the orbit of the earth, so too is the safe longevity of the Anunnaki both reliant and beautifully mutual to those races they create and uplift.


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