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Seduced by folklore 4 8, 9:22am

As my username implies, I'm just butting in for a moment - as an asexual folklorist - to quibble over one point. At the risk of comparing asexuality to a disability, saying that having an incompatible orientation isn't just about ending mockery: most folklore came from times when the possibility that some poeople didn't do or want what everyone wanted. As you say Scandinavian creatures are supposed to be able to seduce regardless of orientation - so a gay or lesbain person used to using that as a defence elsewhere would be in trouble - but straight, gay and bi people all feel sexual attraction. To use the Siren metaphor: a jazz lover could be reeled in by an opera, even if they don't like opera, but someone who's not capable of appreciating music wouldn't. Asexuality, in this case, is the equivalent of being deaf - and while I'm more focused on Greek folklore in my studies, so I can't entirely account for Scandinavian folklore, Sirens (to keep with your example) are proven in myth to be unable to affect the deaf ...or just those with wax in their ears like the crew of Odysseus. The people who created and carried the myths didn't realise that everyone wants sex is a sweeping and incorrect generalisation, as most asexuals in the past had the choice of get married and pretend to like it or join a priesthood/nunnery requiring chastity, so a loophole remains.

That being said, I'm not trying to cause a fight and I respect your view on the matter (after all, there's no such thing as definite fact in folkloristics). It's a question of different (and equally acceptable) theories on how the magic 'works', but I've seen one too many internet forums where people take "magical creature x can seduce anyone" as an excuse to harrass asexuals and claim that they're "making it up to be special".

Good grief, I'm long winded today, aren't I? This is why I never normally comment.

Lastly, I just want you to know that althought I disagree with your view in this case, I have always admired your wonderful art and humour. It's always so awesome that I can't find anything to complain about.

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