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Cuco 28 6, 11:03am

woow I never knew there was a "cuca" too. Always heard about the Cuco, and it's true it didn't have a physical representation, it was just an amorphous thing.
I'm from Misiones, Argentina. And we have myths about some sort of dwarves or little creatures with powers, that can be playfully annoying (or even dangerous) when people do things they don't like, or just because they feel like it :P
One is the Pombero, is blonde and has a golden stick that attracts disobedient children that go out and play during the "siesta" (when their parents tell them not to) and often plays with them as toys, and when it gets bored, the Pombero would just leave them anywhere, a bit lost in the jungle. The other is the Yasi Yatere, and it's quite ugly haha, he also is mischievous but as the other one, it's not that bad if you leave tobacco or other offerings.
This of course, are stories told for children so they don't get in trouble when parents aren't around.

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