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Barbegazi 22 6, 9:56am

If I could perhaps suggest a supernatural entity for you to possibly do a rendition of, I'd like to suggest Knockers (Tommyknockers is another term for them). Depending on who you ask they can be tricksters, malevolent fae or well meaning leprechaun like folk who live underground and knock on the walls and supports of mines in advance warning of a calamity.

Here in the U.S. there's enough of a belief in them that a collapsed and sealed coal mine was opened up to allow the knockers out to move out to inhabited and used mines.

According to some of the stories I've heard from miners thy communicate through tapping or knocking on the mine supports (tommys) and that slow methodical taps generally mean all is well, and that rapid attention getting taps and creaks mean some kind of calamity is coming soon. It's also common courtesy to toss a bite or two of sandwich into an unused alcove to sate their hunger 'lest they borrow one or two of your tools and hide them under some waste rock.

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