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Too Big Too Small 10 1, 2:10am

TerBear, have you come across Bravissimo/Pepperberry? They do clothing by size (ignoring boobs), then curvy, really curvy, and super curvy.

I got a cocktail dress from there (via eBay because they're not cheap direct, though their sales stuff are actually rather reasonable). It shows off the fact I have a waist. It's flattering on my stomach. And it contains and supports my boobs which means it's modest enough for me to wear to a family/work party, even though it's a strapless dress! It's amazing! I realised that, bar my wedding dress which was quite cleavagey, and had a corset back and really good boning, I've not actually bought a non-stretchy dress and not had to alter it since I was about 11...

They do ship internationally, so it might be worth having a look.


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