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Horrible People 23 9, 12:55pm

I dont know how it is in England and I get the humor in this but a little guilt is hardly a lot to pay for safety. I would love to just feel bad sometimes cause my ancestors were jerks but instead I get to deal with racist people everyday who either think I'm stupid, being abused or need their old clothes. People walk up to me and touch my hair or face on the street and pet me like an animal and those are the good racists. Its rare now but hate crimes and such happen at least once a year in my city alone and they are violent and horrible. Most of the black people in my city don't have the money to move to areas where good schools and homes are. Unable to buy their homes due to redlining they pay over 1000 bucks a month to live in ghettos and white people are either too scared to move into black neighborhoods or (like any parents) want their kids in the good schools and safe environments. I get why this is funny and I really do love your comics. Its just that when you sit by and do nothing I think you at least deserve to feel guilty. Of course this isn't everyone and I live in a particularly racist city, pull yourself up by your bootstraps and all that, but yeah.. food for thought.

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